Four lighthouses in Iceland worth the detour.

These simple structures are some of the most beautiful in Iceland.


One of the most fascinating pieces of architecture in Iceland are the lighthouses (known as viti in Icelandic).

These majestic structures not only serve an important role in guiding ships back to land, they are also attractions for travelers from all over the world. Here are a few that are well worth the stop. 


One-of-the-most-picturesque-lighthouses-in-the-world-2Akranesviti, in the western part of Iceland is a sight to behold. 


800px-Leuchtturm_Island1Reykjanesviti sits majestically on a hill on the Reykjanes peninsula. 


57f08772170000fd09ac8c9eLocated close to highway one in Iceland, Dyrahólaeyjarviti should not be missed on any trip around the island. 



Gróttuviti is located quite close to ODDSSON. You can easily get there on foot, or in just a matter of minutes by renting one of our bicycles.

 If you are a Björk fan, you may recognize the lighthouse from the music video for Stonemilker - where she danced blissfully in the rocky landscape surrounding the lighthouse. This is also the place where Björk wrote the song itself.