the new kid on the block - Marshall house


A New Visual Arts Center for Reykjavík

Marshall House, a former herring factory in Grandi, has recently been reborn as a multifaceted visual arts center. The building is now home to Nýlistasafnið (the Living Art Museum), Kling & Bang, and Studio Olafur Eliasson (run by the Icelandic designer and artist of the same name). It also houses  a seafood restaurant, Marshall Restaurant, on the ground floor. The revamped Marshall House is just one more amazing step in building up the arts and culture scene in Grandi, and increasing visiblity for the vibrant contemporary arts scene in Reykjavík. We recently walked down the street to pay a visit to our new neighbors, and now we can't wait to go back!

Read on for more information on the new residents.


Nýlistasafnið (or Nýló for short) is an artist-run collection of contemporary Icelandic art founded in 1978. The museum keeps a permanent collection as well as displaying temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The museum's mission is to maintain a dialogue on cultural politics and contemporary art practice, and give contemporary Icelandic art its due recognition. The collection is based completely on donations from members and their friends, which provides a unique window into the ever-changing Icelandic arts scene.

Nýló is open 12-18 Tuesday-Sunday (until 21 on Thursdays)

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Kling & Bang is an artist-run exhibition space with over 60 artist-members who use the space to exhibit their work. It is one of the best ways to see what is happening in the Reykjavík arts scene at the moment. You can stop by and check out exhibitions, which change regularly.

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Studio Olafur Eliasson

The Studio Olafur Eliasson space in Marshall house is home to a collection of pieces created by the internationally renowned studio. The space is filled mainly with playful installation pieces that are almost living sculptures. It's easy to lose yourself in the magic of many of the pieces, and irresistible to take a few photos, too


If you're having a wander in the neighborhood be sure to stop in – the address Grandagarður 20, almost at the end of the harbor area (giving it some of the best views of downtown Reykjavík).