tanja levy - a playful approach to fashion


Grandi, the old industrial fishing area in Reykjavik, has turned into a haven for artists and creatives in the past decades.

Fashion designer Tanja Levý is one such artist. She graduated from the Iceland Academy of the arts in 2012 and often takes inspiration from the rawness of everyday life. The colour of oil mixed with rainwater was one of the inspirations for her collection Eitur í Flösku, presented at Design March in 2015.

Her pieces border on the sculptural and each design is a work of art, handmade by Tanja herself.

From ODDSSON you can easily take a walk to the studio where she works, ( if she's around which she often is ) have a look at her work and even take home a piece of your own for a fair price.   

When exhibiting her designs Tanja often skips the traditional catwalk, preferring to create installations and explore other inventive ways to present her collections.

On the wall behind Tanja you can see photographs of Wesen, a new and refreshing Icelandic synth-pop band. The band members are old friends of hers and are sporting her latest collection.

Interestingly, Wesen will be playing at ODDSSON on the 24th of this month, warming up for Jaakko Eino Kalevi. The Finnish tram driver turned musical wonder!

Few people are more hyped for the concert then Tanja.