Stories in the Kitchen - Actress Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir at Home



One of the things we love the most about our neighborhood is that it's full of people that have had a big influence on Icelandic culture.

It is not only the place where most of Reykjavík's concert venues, theatres and galleries are located – it's also where many of the artists who run, play and perform in these spaces live. One such artist is Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir.

Guðrún is one of Iceland's most revered actresses and her career in film, television, and theatre spans decades. She studied her craft in Iceland as well as in The Central School of Speech and Drama where she was taking classes at the same time as people such as Judi Dench and Vanessa Redgrave. She kindly invited us to her home where she treated us to a feast as well as a few of her many stories.

Guðrún is known for being a remarkable storyteller. Whether on stage or simply sitting by her kitchen table she effortlessly immerses you in her stories and she's full of humor and wisdom as she remembers the past.

Stories seem to be one of the main threads woven into Guðrún's life and she even started a tourism company called Stories on the Road where she and her husband drove around the countryside, sometimes with only one passenger. They told them historical as well as personal stories about the places they passed through and found that often their passengers responded by sharing their own stories. Bonds that lasted for years were formed.

Stories on the Road is one of many ideas Guðrún has had and put into action. It's inspiring to see someone who has already achieved so much having such an apatite for trying new things. Especially when they are practically living in your backyard.