Adam Katz Sinding and Andrea Maack explore Iceland


ODDSSON loves people and relationships and seeks to collaborate with various artists and create an opportunity for a creative melting pot.

ODDSSON has been collaborating with artist /perfumer Andrea Maack that produces fragrances as wearable art; perfumes that tell stories and interpret visual art. For the Oddsson scent-brief, Maack is looking at different extremes in nature and blending them together thus taking the concept even further into an olfactory experience.

We decided to ask Andrea to invite over a friend to explore Iceland and of course the world of ODDSSON.

Renowned fashion photographer Adam Katz Sinding who shoots for publications such as,, New York Magazine and many more got the invite and came to Iceland in July, fresh from the street style fashion week season.

They took on a trip inspired by the concept behind ODDSSON, one that is borrowed from the art world – c mixing high and low culture, leaving everything mainstream out.

They went high and low, literally and figuratively.  Visiting the country roads, mountains and natural pools. Relaxing in ODDSSON and dining at Bazaar. Enjoying a birds view flying in a helicopter and going deep into the ground, 120 meters to be exact, into a volcano.

Enough of words. Here are photos of their adventures.