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The Building - 6.3.2018

Oddsson, also known as “JL húsið” was built by Jón Loftsson in 1948. The building has played a crucial role in the development of trade in Iceland.  In the past two decades its cultural role has become more prominent; housing the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts and hosting events such as art galleries and music festivals.

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Reykjavík Harbor: Finding Beauty in the Industrial - 7.3.2017

Reykjavik harbour has served Icelanders fresh fish for over a century. In downtown Reykjavik, just a few minutes' walk from ODDSSON ho(s)tel, you will find our industrial yet charming harbour. 

It wasn't until a few years ago, when tourism increased and the downtown area spread its arms further, that restaurants, concept stores and speciality shops opened up in the area, giving the neighbourhood a much needed face-lift. 

Though there have been new developments in the area, the harbour's role remains the same. Trawlers and long-line fishing ships deliver tons of fresh catch to the port each day, and ships are still maintained and outfitted in the harbor. 

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